3 Reasons to Own an Altima

Guest Blogger – Salesman – Kip Harper

This fall has brought great change to my family.  Our oldest child, Anthony, went  away to college, and I recently purchased my first ever Nissan vehicle.

Kip with Altima

I have owned my 2015 Nissan Altima  for almost 4 months and I have fallen in love with this car. Here are 3 great reasons that I have found for owning a Nissan Altima:

1. Great fuel economy.  The Nissan Altima gives me 38 miles per gallon.  I usually drive a pickup truck, but this Altima is saving me alot of money on gas with my commute of 50 miles a day. The savings is unreal!

2. I love the feel of the road while driving.  With the Vehicle Dynamic Control,  I have noticed the Altima feels very stable during cornering .  Also, the responsive electric power steering with speed sensitive steering makes driving this car fun and exciting.

3. The size of the Atima with great trunk space and leg room in front and back seats is another reason I love this vehicle.  The Altima is one of the biggest cars in its class which makes it an even better value for a family to drive or for a member of your family to commute from work or school with the great space for all your needs and wants.

5 New Chryslers Coming Soon

I recently went to a Chrysler meeting in Las Vegas and would like to share with you some of the vehicles Chrysler showed us that will be coming soon. I will let you know when they each arrive to our Monken Chrysler dealership.

Sergio Marchionne and his team of designers have a phenomenal product stream coming into the Chrysler showrooms in the near future.

2016 Chrysler Town & Country

I was able to see the new Chrysler Town & Country, which will arrive in March or April of 2016. It has a brand new Stow-N-Go that is easier to use than the current one, the lines of an SUV and many new features which include waving your foot to open the back and side doors. I am very excited, I think this will help the Town & Country continue to be a top seller for us.

Next up is the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, this vehicle has lines way better looking than a Range Rover, and will be a 7 passenger vehicle. I think my wife is excited about this one! It is top shelf all the way around, kudos to the designers on this one. We may have to wait until 2018, but it will be well worth it!

707 horse power – you may have heard that term before, it is called a Hellcat. The Hellcat is coming to the Grand Cherokee. I said it, a 707 horsepower Grand Cherokee, so you can take down and tear up the roads of Southern Illinois.

2017 Charger

Next up, the new Dodge Charger. I am not sure when this vehicle is coming out, but it has revolutionary designs. It does not have the lines of the current Charger, which I love, but this one is even more futuristic then I can explain. It looks like a concept vehicle straight off the page.  Hopefully, we will see the same vehicle I saw in Las Vegas.

For you 70’s fans, you are not left out. Hopefully,  you have heard this in the news,  a Cuda is coming our way, not as a Plymouth, of course, it will be under the Dodge brand. I am looking forward to this vehicle and I have already had a customer contact me about it, while I was in Las Vegas, so it sounds like there are some rumors about it already floating around.

That wraps up what I wanted to tell you about my Chrysler dealer meeting. Keep watching for these exciting new vehicles to arrive at our Monken Chrysler location and let me know if you have any questions.

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