2016 New Nissan Titan Coming to Monkens

We have an all new 2016 Nissan Titan X D Crew Cab 4wd Platinum model with cummins diesel coming in next week. Cummins diesel is a big draw in the world of trucks. This truck is designed to hit the sweet spot for those looking for capability without sacrificing driving quality. The Titan X D is a heavy 1/2 ton truck, more capable than a 1/2 ton, but a better ride and drive than a 3/4 ton. 200,000 people a year are trying to find that “in between truck”. They want the drive of a 1/2 ton truck but the capability and durability of a 3/4 ton.

Nissan is confident they “nailed” this market and it will have lots of industry firsts:
* LED lighting throughout the bed of the truck so the whole bed is illuminated
* Integrated 5th wheel trailer hitch
* One person can test all trailer lights functionality using the keyless remote while outside the vehicle
* Integrated camera for backup alignment of a fifth wheel PLUS the vehicle lets you know when the ball is centered over the hitch.

Video on 2016 Nissan Titan


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