If You Own A Nissan – Read This

Blog by Ryan Williams

Do you have a smart phone?  Almost everyone has a smart phone right!  How many apps do you have on your phone?  There are apps for everything these days that are helpful, and plenty that aren’t helpful.  Nissan has introduced an app to make it easier to learn all the features of your new Nissan.  The Nissan Quick Guide App has everything that your owners manual offers you, but it has every vehicle Nissan makes in one easy app.  Sounds impressive right?  Now lets up it a little more, the app also has information on model years back to 2012.  Impressed?  Maybe that isn’t very impressive, but it is even better because in each option you choose throughout the lineup the app has a video tutorial.  Video tutorials on nearly every aspect of your Nissan.  Did you forget how to program your Homelink garage door opener?  Reference your vehicle and touch Homelink on the options page and you have a video that shows you how to operate the Homelink opener.  Better yet this app is free at the Google app store or the iphone app store.  Don’t waste time flipping through pages or searching endless videos to find your model year.  Get the Nissan Quick Guide App and you will have all the information in the palm of your hand.


Why Service Your Vehicle at a Dealership

While vehicles are more reliable than ever, they still do require maintenance and do break down. Why service with the dealer you purchased your vehicle? Auto manufacturers often offer either hidden warranties or offer some type of goodwill. These are generally reserved for loyal customers. When a dealership is evaluating an out of warranty claim for goodwill, they typically have to go to the manufacturer and answer several questions to justify the goodwill expenditure:

How long has the customer owned the vehicle?
Does the customer service the vehicle at your dealership regularly?
Do they perform recommended maintenances?
Are they loyal to the dealership and/or the manufacturer?
Have they owned other “brand X” vehicles?

Manufacturers and dealerships will go above and beyond for loyal customers.  These goodwill dollars are finite and tracked by the manufacturers to be reserved for the most loyal customers. In our experience, customer loyalty is most often rewarded by the manufacturer. Dealerships have finite dollars and will work hard for those that are regular customers.

Another reason you may want your vehicle serviced at a dealership is because dealerships have certified technicians with yearly training that update them on the new makes and models of each brand the dealership carries on the lot.

At our Monken Chrysler Nissan location we have 4 Certified Trained Technicians and 3 Master Technicians.  At our Monken Chevrolet Buick GMC location we have 2 Certified Trained Technicians and 2 Master Technicians. A trained technician must have all certification that meet factory guidelines before they are able to work on our vehicles.      A Master Technician has completed all levels of the training and are top notch.