Blogger – Lance Marcum

Ordering a vehicle starts with our consensus cycle which takes into account our sales history and what we are predicting to sell. From there, the build cycle starts with our “allocations” on Thursday of every week. As far as knowing what works well for us, I look at our sales history and a program called “DART”, which lets me know what General Motors recommends that I build.   We always try to keep a nice combination of colors and models available.  Also, we can always build a vehicle specifically for a customer if they would like.
Once the order is submitted, it then goes into production. The process from the vehicle being built to on the lot is generally 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the vehicle. The ones being produced in Wentzville, MO are obviously here quicker than the ones that have to be shipped via railway.
The vehicles come to our lot via transport trucks.

When the vehicles arrive, sales consultants check to make sure there is no damage on the vehicle and then sign for approval. In the event that a vehicle has damage, it is noted and General Motors takes care of the repair. This is rare, but does happen from time to time. Once that is completed,  the keys are tagged with a stock number and the vehicle goes into our service for a delivery inspection. The inspection consists of a full inspection in which we top off fluids. In essence, the dealership is doing their due diligence to confirm that General Motors has built the vehicle up to expectations.
Once that is completed, the vehicle goes to our detail department to get cleaned up and then pictures are taken for our website. The goal is that the vehicle goes through this entire process within 2 to 3 days of arrival so it is ready to sell.