3 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Needs a 27 Point Inspection

1.  It is free
2.  It protects your factory warranty
3.  It helps keep you safe
Did you know that every time you come to Monken Dodge Chrysler Nissan for service we perform a free 27 point inspection on your vehicle?  There is no charge.  We do this inspection to keep your vehicle safe and up to date with factory recommendations to protect your factory warranty coverage.

A 27 point inspection is a vehicle condition report.  This inspection is used by our factory trained technicians and factory trained express team to monitor the customer’s vehicle.  This report is used every time a customer comes in for a service or mechanical need.  We will check wipers, lights, air filters, cabin filters, fluid levels, hoses, belts, shocks/struts, exhaust, fuel lines, and fluid leaks.  We also test the battery that is available, measure your tires, and check the condition of the brakes when the tires are taken off.

We check each point either green, yellow or red.  Green means your vehicle looks great,  yellow means it may need future attention and red requires immediate attention.  Here is an example:
27 Point Inspection .jpg

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