We are close to having technology virtually assist us in a majority of our daily functions in life.  Below we have listed some of the highest ranking Apps (in no certain order) available for you to download that will be your vehicle’s sidekick.  We hope they provide a less stressful commute and serve your daily driving needs!


Waze is a very useful app for any daily commuter, especially  if you are a stickler for time management. This app is a live traffic app that is best described as a road condition alert system.  The app warns drivers of traffic jams, road closures, speed traps, construction delays, potholes, and even speed traps.  This makes it great for shaving some time off your commute, it has also been a massive help to evacuees during natural disasters.  Another interesting aspect of this driving tool is when more drivers utilize the app, more road data is viewable for people with more availability because of the frequency of data recorded by drivers. An account isn’t required when using this app so we suggest giving it a shot.


GasBuddy is an app that relies on crowdsourced data as well, but it helps to find the cheapest gas wherever you may be.  Drivers are able to report gas prices through the GasBuddy website or app, and you can use the app to access that data when you’re on the road. This app is free; two premium yearly memberships can add perks like discounted gas and roadside service.  Users can also enter fuel reports to earn entries in prize drawings!


Pandora is a music radio app that is free to use with ads, or you have the option to subscribe to premium that’s ad-free!  This is a great app to use to entertain riders on a long car ride or to jam your favorite tunes on your daily commute. We suggest using Pandora because it is Apple CarPlay and Android Audio compatible which is very handy when driving to remain safe and hands-free.  You can find this app on the Apple App store or on Google Play for Androids.


Drivvo is among the best apps to track expenses and to keep on top of maintenance.  The core functionality requires you to put in the vehicle’s mileage after a fuel up, and it builds a record over time of how much your vehicle costs to operate.  Budgeting for car-related expenses in the future can be less time absorbing and mentally requiring to maintain. The app also keeps a log of past vehicle service work and reminds you of upcoming required vehicle maintenance.   


Turo is essentially an Airbnb for vehicles.  Instead of renting someone’s living space, one rents their Jeep or Altima, any vehicle that’s offered to rent!  An alternative to big rental agencies that can save you money, certainly during peak tourism season when vehicles can be tough to find.  Also, Turo can provide access to specialty and high-end cars that the regular rental agencies don’t typically offer to the public.