The cabin air filter is a part of every car, but many do not know much about the part. The purpose of the filter is to clean the air that comes into a car through the air-conditioning, heat, and vent system. The filter catches airborne material like dust to prevent respiratory problems in a car. 

Did you know a cabin air filter should typically be replaced every 12-15,000 miles? Have you ever had your filter replaced? Aside from mileage you should also pay attention to the air flow, noise from your air system, and bad odors. These could be signs that your cabin air filter needs changed. 

Cabin air filters can be located in a couple places within your car, typically behind the glove box or under the car dashboard. If you want to find and replace it yourself, you should be able to find details about it in the owner’s manual. If you would prefer to have someone do it for you, your local dealership can check and replace it fairly quick! 

If you replace your filter or have it replaced, look at the inside of it, especially if it’s been a while. There are many things that can be found inside of the filter including bugs, sticks, and grime. Let’s just say what you see, typically will make you want to replace it more often! 

When it comes to looking for a replacement filter, there are several options because there are several different filter materials, makes, and longevity in various filters. In order to figure out which one is best for your car, do a quick Google search or contact your local dealership for a recommendation. 

Whether you have a funky smell in your car or just feel like the ventilation system isn’t working well, check your cabin air filter. It’s important to breathe easy while you’re driving, so don’t forget to replace it!