Traveling with kids can be a lot at times, but how about traveling with your “fur babies”? Lots of individuals and families now travel with their pets regularly, maybe even daily! Pets are basically like little humans, but most people don’t practice car safety when traveling with them. Let’s look at 5 simple steps to take so you and your fur baby can be safe while traveling!

Place them in a crate or traveling seatbelt

People love their pets, everyone knows this, but there really are several things a pet can do to cause an accident. The number one way to keep them contained and avoid an accident is properly placing your pet in a crate, cage, or animal seatbelt system. This allows the pet to be contained, while traveling with you.

Don’t let your pet in the front seat

This is such a crucial safety rule when it comes to pets in cars. No matter what type of animal or how big they might be, the front seat is no place for them because airbags are not designed with your pet in mind. Yes, this safety tip means no holding your pet while you’re driving either. Your animal could cause you to have an accident while you’re holding them. Make sure you keep your pet in the back seat or in the back of the car because their cuddles are not worth both of your lives! 

Make sure your pet has identification

This is really important in case you are ever in an accident, or your pet escapes out of the car. It’s actually fairly common for a dog to run after another dog or squirrel when stopped on a road trip. An identification tag at least gives your pet a chance of being returned. If you happen to be in an accident, it can also help an officer identify who you are if your name is on their tag. 

Pay attention to a dog’s head out of the window

This safety tip is dog specific, but it’s important to pay attention to when you’re driving. Everyone knows most dogs love having their head out the window, but you should monitor how often they do this because it can result in ear infections. The other thing to pay attention to is how far your dog’s head is out of the window because if they’re constantly sticking it out too far, they could risk getting hit by something outside of the window. 

Pack for your pets 

Just like you pack for yourself, whether it’s your wallet or suitcase, it’s important to have items in your car for your pet as well. A water dish or water bottle, plus maybe a little food is always helpful to have on hand for any pet. A leash and poop bags are also handy to keep in the car just in case you have to use either of them. 

Traveling with your pets can be fun and easy, but it’s important to keep both them and yourself safe. These few simple steps can help save you from an accident and keep your fur babies safe while traveling. Your pet will thank you for caring for them so well and so will others on the road!