Apps for your phone, there’s so many of them. Did you know there’s even apps to help with your car and travel?  We have researched and found some of the top apps that will soon be your vehicle’s sidekick. Our cars are becoming more tech savvy, but we’re still thankful for these apps that do things our car can’t! 


waze app logo

 Waze is a map app, much like Google or Apple maps, but maybe even better. It’s a daily commuter app, full of time saving tips and tricks! The app warns drivers of traffic jams, road closures, speed traps, construction delays, and even potholes. Another interesting aspect is when more drivers utilize the app, more road data is available because of the frequency of data recorded by drivers. These aspects make planning your commute easy and doesn’t require an account of any kind. 


gas buddy app logo

 GasBuddy is an app which helps you find the cheapest gas, wherever you are at the time. Like Waze, it relies on crowdsourced data, by drivers reporting gas prices through the app. Then you can use the data shared to find the best and cheapest gas for you. There’s fun perks too like prize drawings for fuel reports. The app by itself is free, but you can get a premium membership which has perks for discounted gas and roadside service. 


roadtrippers app logo

 Roadtrippers is a road trip planning app, which might be our favorite app we’ve found yet. All you do is enter your start and finish goal, then it will give you some of the coolest “off the beaten path” places throughout your trip. This app helps you escape the tourist bubble, while still finding some of the coolest stops along the way. With this app, you don’t even have to plan a trip, just let the app plan it for you!


drivvo app logo

Drivvo is one of the best apps to track car expenses and keep on top of your car maintenance. The core of the app requires you to enter the vehicle’s mileage after a fuel up, and it builds a record of your car’s cost to operate over time. This can help with budgeting for car expenses, and helps you know how much money you’ve spent on your car. The app also keeps a log of past vehicle service work and reminds you of upcoming vehicle maintenance that’s needed. 


turo app logo

 A lot of people don’t know about this app, but Turo is basically an Airbnb for cars. You can choose from a very unique selection of cars, like a truck to help you move, or your dream car for a fun getaway. This would be a great app to use on a vacation, or when you need to rent a car, but there’s no local rentals available. This is both a safe and trusted app, whether you want to find a car or maybe make a little money listing yours. 

Check out all these apps on your next roadtrip or commute to work! We can’t wait to hear what you think about them.