Gas is an essential item every non-electric vehicle owner must buy, but it takes out a large chunk of your budget. It’s easy to get rewards for gas, so why not take advantage of them!

Join a Fuel Rewards Program

Most gas stations offer a reward program so you can earn rewards points when you purchase gas. Each program is different when it comes to the amount you must spend for rewards and how much you can save, so be sure to find the one you love. 

Find a credit card with rewards

Various gas stations offer their own credit cards or some credit card companies offer cards with gas rewards. Make sure you read the fine lines of the credit card program and pay it off each month so you’re not paying interest. Some credit cards even offer cash back rewards or in station credit, which means you should choose a station that is nearest to your home or you’re most likely to stop at. 

Use apps to find the cheapest gas

Gas Guru, Waze, and Gas Buddy are a few great apps that can help you find the cheapest gas wherever you may be. If you’re planning a road trip you can check the prices before your trip and pre-plan where to stop. 

Gas Buddy also offers their own reward program for free and there’s a few paid options too. They also help with roadside assistance through paid programs. This is a great app that’s worth paying for if you travel often!

Check and maintain your vehicle

Lots of people don’t know this, but there’s various things on your vehicle that can help you save gas in the long run. The lighter the vehicle the better, so remove racks and accessories added to the car when it’s not needed. Make sure your oil is changed routinely and keep your tires inflated to the correct amount of air. These may be little things, but every dollar counts!