Shopping for a new car can sometimes be stressful, but we’re currently living in a virtual based world. How would you feel about purchasing a car completely on-line? This is an option that is becoming more and more possible, even through local dealerships! The real problem is now, “how do I even go about buying or shopping for a car on-line?”

Let us help by breaking down the easy steps to this process, so you can do it confidently!  

  1. Make sure you have a budget set. 

When setting this number, don’t set it based on your monthly payment, but instead set it on the total cost of the vehicle, possible including interest. This will help you begin to narrow your search. 

  1. Consider getting pre-approved for a loan. 

You can easily shop for loans through credit unions, banks, and other lenders on-line or through the phone. If you know the dealership you plan to buy through, call them so they can begin helping you get pre-approved for a loan. 

  1. Find the right model for you.

If you don’t know the type of car you want, start doing research within your budget, look at car rankings and ratings. If you know your needs in a car, start using those to narrow your search even more. Websites such as Kelly Blue Book and can be very helpful when it comes to researching cars and pricing. 

  1. Look at your local dealership’s used cars on-line. 

If you are considering a used car, look on-line to see what the dealership has to offer. You can always call to talk about the car with a salesman or do your own research. Look up the dealership’s social media too, because typically they will post current car deals on it for both new and used. 

  1. Take a test drive.

Obviously, this takes you away from strictly being on-line, but if you want to test drive there’s always an option, especially if it will help you narrow down your search. Many dealerships now offer test drives at your own home, where a salesman will bring the car to your home. 

  1. Get your car delivered or finish it up at the dealership. 

Depending on the dealership you might have to go there to finalize your purchase, but many dealerships can now bring the paperwork and car to your home! If you do decide to go to the dealership make sure you know all the paperwork needed for the salesman so you won’t have to make several stops. 

These steps will vary based on where you live and how much of the process you truly want to be virtual, but these will guide you through the main steps. Start shopping on-line today, especially if you’re in need of a new car, but prefer to stay home!