Drew Baldridge is a country music star from Patoka, Illinois. Drew recently got a 2021 Ram 1500 from Monken Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM and we wanted to hear what he loves about the truck and more about his “truck life.” He has quite the history of vehicles, both new and old, but memories from each of them that will last a lifetime. Check out what we asked Drew and learn a little more about him!

You just got a new truck, what are your favorite features about your RAM 1500?

I love having the big screen, heated seats, and it rides so nice. I love having everything on the screen, it’s like two feet long. It also just rides so much smoother than any other truck I’ve been in. I can also automatically start it and it turns on my heated steering wheel and seats. We haven’t hauled anything with it yet, but I can throw all of my merch into the truck bed and it fits!

Katie (Drew’s wife) loves the heated steering wheel and how happy it makes Drew!

Have you had any friends comment on your truck?

Oh yeah! Every one of them. Every song writing friend, everybody. They all talk about how much RAM has stepped their game up. Someone told me they’ve always driven a big Escalade, but they could see themselves driving a truck if they had one like it. Everyone comments on how clean and nice it is.

Have you ever driven a truck prior to your RAM?

I got my first truck when I was 16, it was an F150. Then after that I bought a RAM 1500 and loved it, but was so broke when I moved to Nashville I had to sell it. Then I bought a completely hail damaged black Chevy Cobalt. It looked like a black golf ball, but now it feels so good to be back in a truck.

One of the first times I was writing at a new place, I arrived early and the door was locked so I was sitting on the hood of my black Chevy Cobalt. It looked terrible, but I was just trying to make ends meet. Then this really nice Chevy truck pulled up beside me and out stepped Thomas Rhett. He came walking up and I was telling him how much I loved his truck. He looked at me and said “What happened to your car?” I told him I actually bought it like this. So… the new RAM is a big step up!

How did you get your first truck?

So my mom made me a deal when I was 14 that said she would match whatever money I made to buy a truck. I worked hauling hay for my grandpa and started my own mowing business. By the time I was 16 I had a lot of money saved up and my parents were generous enough to match it, so I bought a 2001 Ford F150.

What Is something fun you used to do with your truck?

I remember back home when we used to get big snows. I had an F150 that was pretty jacked up and had pretty big tries on it. Then my brother had a truck that was a little bigger. So every time it would snow we would take our trucks to see if we could get stuck and then use our chain to pull the other out. Then we would find a field that was frozen over and do donuts on it.

Did your family have a vehicle that you loved or dreamed to have one day?

My dad had an old blue stick shift Dodge Dakota. It was one of the trucks I learned to drive stick on and it had a bench seat so we had to call the window seat. Then whoever sat in the middle would work the gears while my dad worked the clutch. There’s just a lot of memories in the old blue Dodge Dakota. Now my dad and my brother both drive RAMs.

Do you have any great memories from family road trips?

We used to take so many family road trips. My mom and dad used to have a minivan, so we piled in and slept in the back of it. We drove every year for beach trips to Florida and Alabama. Then we got one of those DVD players that would Velcro to mom and dad’s head rest, which was a huge deal.

Do you have any upcoming road trips you’re planning?

I’d like to take a whole family road trip out west. They all haven’t been so I think it would be so cool to take them. Show them the Rocky Mountains, elk, different animals we don’t have, and so they can see the beauty out there. We are going to elk hunt as well.

Trucks have been a big piece of Drew’s life between the memories and the traveling. We had a great time getting to know Drew more and learn about his truck life. Make sure to follow his country music journey on social media and listen to his songs on any platform!