Meet Our Bloggers

Wes Monken – I was born and grew up in Centalia.  I graduated from CHS in 1988, Kaskaskia College in 1990,  and from ISU in 1992, where I meet my wife of 21 years.  We lived in Naperville and move back home in 1997 when my father, Harold Monken, asked me to come back and help him run the Monken dealership.  I love to smoke BBQ, learn new technology, photography, and watching our daughters activities.  I am a Cardinal and Rams fan, and serve on the KC Sports Association, KC Automotive Technology Board, and St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation Board.  I love supporting our community and helping customers find the right vehicle.   One of my favorite quotes is from my dad, “Happy customers come back.”  While it is a simple motto, I never take it for granted and we always work hard to give great value and service.

Kim McMillan – So…How do you describe growing up with Harold Monken? There was never a dull moment. Everyplace we went, he was like a magnet. Everyone wanted to hear “The Mayor” tell a joke. He always told me “I sell more cars in the morning at breakfast than most people do in a month”. He went
to a different place for breakfast every day to hang with the ol’ cronies.  I worked at Rockwell International for 18 years. I was hired as the receptionist, within 3 weeks I was over Accounts Receivable and when I left I was the Controller.  I have 2 beautiful girls (also have 2 pretty awesome son-in-laws), and 4 beautiful grandchildren that all live in Centralia. I have been married to Mike McMillan for 31 years. We are members of City Hope Church and absolutely love our church.One of my favorite bible verses is Phil 4:13: I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Lance Marcum – My first job was detailing cars for Harold in 1999.  Funny story…Harold always drove a dually truck. He asked me to detail it for him one day.  I pulled his vehicle into the detail area not thinking about the tight squeeze. $3000 dollars worth of damage later, he had a new rear fender! Needless to say, I cost them more than I added in value that summer!  I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from McKendree University, and received a Master’s in Educational Administration from Eastern Illinois University as well as Superintendent’s Degree (Ed. S). I was born and raised in Centralia. My dad (Tony) has worked at Monkens for 35+ years and Mom (Debbie) was a teacher at Willow Grove School.  I am married to Kim’s daughter, Megan.  We started dating in junior high and now have three kids, loving life and enjoying our family! I currently co-chair the Jason Motte K. Cancer Golf Tournament.  After losing my mother to cancer in 2014, it is an honor to partner with an organization that seeks to comfort those affected.  I am President of the Jireh Mission Board (Joseph and Leyna George’s Orphan Mission in India), an Elder and Small Group Leader at City Hope Church, and I volunteer as a coach for just about any team my children play on.


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