The rainy season is here, which means when you’re driving you depend on your wiper blades a lot. It’s important you’re not that person leaning down so you can see under the water smudge or having to pull over because your wipers just aren’t doing their job. If you are that person or you just want to learn what wipers are best, then keep reading below for our recommendations when it comes to wiper blades. 

How often should I change my wiper blades?

Wipers should be changed twice a year. You can easily check your wipers by running your fingers up and down the rubber part to see if there are any ridges or cracks in the rubber. Another way to check your wipers is to turn them on and spray your cleaner, if there are any streaks or blurs left then you need to replace your wipers. 

How do I know which wipers to buy?

Wiper blades come in various sizes, which means they’re not universal for every vehicle. Look at your vehicle’s user manual or talk to someone at your local dealership or auto-parts store about which size is best for your car. Don’t worry, wipers are easy to install or you can have the dealership or auto-parts store install them for you. The type of wipers you buy are important so we included some of our top recommendations below!

Two of our top brands are Nissan Value Advantage Wiper and Mopar wiper blades. We carry both of these brands in our dealership, both in various sizes and models. They have great price points, along with versatility when it comes to their model options. As for other various wipers we have listed our top 4 depending on what you are wanting the wipers to do for your windshield.

Bosch ICON Wiper Blades– A higher price point, but also a longer life span than most blades. If you don’t live in an area with all types of weather then this might not be the best choice for you, but if you want a universal blade when it comes to weather this is your best choice. 

ANCO 31-series– This is one of the most budget friendly options and a top pick for those of you who do not experience much rain or snow. Although these are very budget friendly, if you get snow and ice these won’t last near as long as other wipers. 

Aero Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades– These wipers are a perfect choice for those who live in the Midwest, especially during summer and fall. They have a great price point and reviewers love their ease when it comes to installation. 

Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid Wiper Blades– Last, but not least our pick for a top winter wiper choice. These feature a rubber blend different from others so the blade remains flexible through snow and ice. This wiper would be a great choice for your second change of the year, so you can be well prepared for the winter season.